The Challenge of Christian Ministry

Recently, our Bible Study classes have been reading Reclaiming God’s Original Intent for the Church by Wes Roberts and Glenn Marshall. This text has sparked a number of conversations concerning the work of the church in this current social climate. I must say that for many of us this book has been quite convicting.

For me, reading this text has caused me to ask some hard questions concerning my vocational ministry and personal life, especially when thinking of how our lives have been shaped by modern society and the need for acknowledgment and recognition. I can admit that I’m challenged by my own human desire of obtaining sucess and my obedience to God’s will, which may never amount to any form of human recognition.

Here is the question: Are we truly willing to serve without receiving any acknowledgement for our service render from our peers, members, and even love ones?

This is question that all followers of Christ must sit with.

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